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Top 5 most useful women’s product !

Top 5 most useful women’s products !Hey all womaniyas there! I am going to tell you 5 amazing products that will change your life so I hope you will try them.

  • Pee funnel – it is reusable female urination device. We know that in travelling men stops car and pee near the road then journey continues, don’t laugh guys !this is reality !so this is device which is very useful .We can be easily putting that device down in standing position like a men. It is so comfortable and available on online sites like Flipkart and Amazon ,girls check them out . Remember to buy quality material for your comfortness.
pee funnel ( 5most useful things for womens)

To buy this product kindly check –



pee funnel
  • Nipple cover – They are adhesive also reusable .I personally suggest you silicone nipple cover. You can put that covers between your bra and skin. Girls usually face problems related nipple .Sometimes nipple showed up from clothes and this is so uncomfortable. Try this nipple cover .They are really amazing available on different online stores!
Nipple covers.

To buy this – https://amzn.to/3j65vdM


nipple covers
  • Menstrual cups– menstrual Cup is a type of reusable feminine hygiene product. It’s like a Cup shaped and small made up of rubber or silicone that you can insert into your vagina. There are some girls which has fear like “what when they get stuck in ?”but how is this possible. Did you read any news related it so I just suggest you to first use this product and then give judgement on it.
menstrual cup

To buy – https://amzn.to/2RYRa7h


  • Nipple shield – The nipple shield is used for cases of latch-on difficulties or inverted nipples. Made of silicone, the unique cut-out base of the shield allows more skin to skin contact between mother and baby. It is autoclavable. It is DEHP and BPA-free. For use under professional care only while breastfeeding the baby. Not to be worn between feedings.

to buy this – https://amzn.to/3mW5BHd


nipple shield
  • Different types of lingeries – You are the woman .You are blessed with woman parts . You should treat your body so lovingly! You wear a bra ,panties .There are different -different styles in lingeries, that you can wear different colours ,according to your shapes and body positions .Core set, bus tier ,suspender belt ,teddy ,baby doll ,camisole, sheamus ,bodystocking ,bodysuit ,bra, slip ,playsuit ,brief and thony etc. I know you don’t even know names but search they are so beautiful. These can be cute fun for sensual and classy depending on your mood and occasions!

Thanks all ! Proud your womenhood !

A girl from konkan region.


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